Money In 60 Seconds or Martingale Madness?

Is money in 60 seconds possible and actually profitable with Binary Options? It turns out that it is not likely, but it definitely is possible, and a guy call Kazi Noor is proving it by keeping a weekly trade log as he goes from $45 to his current balance of just over $32,000 trading Binary Options.

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When I came across Kazi’s YouTube channel some months ago, I was slightly shocked and at the same time fascinated by his Binary Options trading strategy. He literally places multiple 60 second trades by following a set of rules that he came up with on his own, based on his own trial and error and past trading experience. Watching him place some of the trades literally made me wince, since he does exactly what almost every trader (including me) would tell you to not do – he martingales his trades.

To ‘martingale’ means to follow a gambling method where your assumption is that with every losing trade your possibility of a future winning trade increases, and therefore you double the money you put down to recoup the money you lost in the previous trade, and to still make money with your current trade. This can go wrong so badly so quickly, that you have to see a quick illustration to see what I mean. The numbers below represent a streak of losing trades, starting at a mere $5 and then doubling up each time, in order to recoup your losses, let’s see what happens in only 10 losing trades:

$5 $10 $20 $40 $80 $160 $320 $640 $1,280 $2,560

In only 10 losing trades, you go from risking $5 to risking $2,560! Now I looked at how Kazi enters his trades, which he does when the market breaks through a support or resistance point, and in the worst case scenario, I found you could get 16 losing trades in a row! That would take your trading amount to an incredible $163,840 on a single trade, in addition to the previous 15 losses!

I’m not doubting that Kazi is for real, and I believe that he really did take $45 and turned it into $32,545 in 25 weeks, but despite his training and methodology, I would still not advise anyone to try it. He places limits on how far he goes with his doubling-up strategy, but even then, his approach is likely to make most traders simply lose all their money. If you want to take a look at what he does, you can follow this YouTube link.

Kazi himself is very adamant that he is not using a martingale system. He insists that he follows the market trend by only trading in the direction of a localized support or resistance level breach, but he still relies on doubling up on a losing trade to regain his trading losses. At the heart of it, that is exactly what a martingale trading system is.

If you prefer to not risk your money with a 60 second martingale binary options trading strategy, you might want to rather take a look at some of these alternatives:

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3 thoughts on “Money In 60 Seconds or Martingale Madness?

  • August 30, 2015 at 1:46 AM

    I know Kazi very well. He claims that his Binary Alpha 60Sec strategy works. actually its Mrartingale method which can make you a Bankrupt within just couple of hours.

  • August 30, 2015 at 2:08 AM

    Very interesting article! In the beginning of my binary options carreer I tried to martingale my trades as well. I didn’t follow the real martingale madness because I never went further than 3 losing trades in a row. I stopped using this strategy because I lost more money than I gain. Now I use the fence strategy to minimize potential losses and maximize profits. I’m gonna read more articles from this site! Very good work!


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