Moneta Method Binary Options Auto Trader – SCAM SKUNK or SLAM DUNK?

The Moneta Method auto trading software is currently in Beta testing, so if you like getting in early on a deal, this might be for you.

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I’ve looked at their presentation video and there are a couple of things that stand out, they aren’t claiming you will make a million in a month, so that is good. They claim to have been involved in creating multiple types of trading software over the last 12 years, so that also counts in their favor. They also state that it is not a get rich quick scheme, but that they deliver steady profits – all good.

Things started to get a little weird when the guy, Stanley Williams, started talking about how the Roman Empire used “Moneta methods” to control the finances of the people. The Moneta Method auto trading software claims to use the same tricks the ancients used to control finances, but this time it works in your favor. The Moneta Method algorithm was created some years ago, but could never be implemented successfully due to computers not being fast enough, or so the author claims. Now that computers have become much faster – totally agree there – they claim that their software is now capable of running their Moneta Method algorithm fast enough that it is profitable in actual trading.

They claim that some big bankers were interested in purchasing the Moneta Method auto trading software from them in 2014, but that they decided to keep it for themselves, and officially launch it somewhere during the 4th quarter of 2015 to a group of bankers at a fee of $125,000 per month.

In return for getting in on the Beta testing phase of the Moneta Method auto trading software, they ask that you write a review or do a short video testimonial of your results – fair enough I guess.

From their video it seems that it is possible to run their trading software in either auto mode, or in manual mode. I like that you have the option to switch between the two modes, and I will be testing that out.

I followed their registration process, and got assigned to the BeeOptions Broker, I’ve had an account with them before and I trust them. Once you’re done with the sign-up process of the Moneta Method, you get a short video that steps you through how to deposit money with the broker that was chosen for you. This is a fairly standard procedure that you will find with almost all auto traders.

Here’s what their trading board looks like, I checked a couple of the trades that were in “Open” status and it looked like only two of them ended up losing, but you’re welcome to check for yourself. I honestly think that the $1,8 million profit figure does not reflect someone’s live account though.

Moneta Method Trades

They claim that an investment of $250 dollars in your initial trading account, will give you profit of $200 per trading day, trading $25 per instance, which means that you would need about 10 successful trades and no losses. If there are losses, you would obviously need more trades. In theory this is all possible, but it remains to be seen if the Moneta Method auto trading software will deliver.

I will be posting updates on how this goes, but from past experience, I can tell you that I’m not convinced you will get $200 per day from this auto trader with only a $250 account.

So is Moneta Method auto trading software a Scam Skunk or a Slam Dunk? It’s too early to say with definitive proof, and I like to be fair, so I will reserve my final judgement until after I have seen some results. Their beta testers are at least not simply paid actors as far as I can tell, and they’re not promising you to become an instant millionaire, but whether they can deliver on their promises remains to be seen.

If you are interested in testing this out for yourself before I post my update, follow this link: Moneta Method

Moneta Method

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