Binary Options In The USA – Exciting Update For 2016!!!

Binary Options In The USA has just become a whole lot better! We just couldn’t wait to share this exciting information about Binary Options trading in the USA, and finally we can! We have received confirmation from the very well-known Binary Options insider Michael Freeman, that as of January 2016, at least two currently EU regulated Binary Options brokers will have obtained fully regulated status in the United States!

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Binary Options Trading In The USA Here To Stay – And GROW!

Until now there has been a lot of speculation among USA Binary Options traders about the future of Binary Options trading in the USA. The rumors abounded and a lot of people thought that Binary Options trading would completely shut down in the US, this news has just debunked all that!

We can confirm that at least two currently regulated EU brokers will actively be involved in the USA Binary Options market as of January 2016, since they will have obtained full US regulatory status. has long been the only fully regulated US Binary Options broker, but their particular brand of Binary Options has unfortunately never been very popular and traders often complain that it is more complex to trade Nadex than it is to trader regular Forex or stocks!

I’ve tried trading on Nadex, and unfortunately I must agree. Binary Options trading as it is offered by all other brokers is really very simple to understand, easy to execute, and allows you to safely trade without worrying about stop losses, spikes in the market or unexpected margin calls. This is why Binary Options has rocketed in popularity with not only newbie traders, but also seasoned traders that have moved over from Forex trading – I’m one of them! 🙂

This latest news about Binary Options trading in the USA expanding and becoming better regulated is really fantastic news for all US traders, and also for the Binary Options trading industry in general.

We promise to keep you posted on any new developments, and will let you know as soon as we can actually release the names of the Binary Options brokers that will be fully regulated in the USA next year.

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